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The Trojan horse : the fall of Troy (Graphic myths and legends)

by Fontes, Ron.

Comic/Graphic Novel

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Series: Graphic myths and legends

  • Hercules: the Twelve Labors
  • Isis & Osiris: to the ends of the earth
  • King Arthur: Excalibur unsheathed : an English legend
  • Thor & Loki: in the land of giants : a Norse myth
  • Amaterasu: return of the sun : a Japanese myth
  • Atalanta: the race against destiny : a Greek myth
  • Demeter and Persephone: spring held hostage : a Greek myth
  • Jason: quest for the Golden Fleece: a Greek myth
  • Odysseus: escaping Poseidon's curse : a Greek legend
  • Robin Hood: outlaw of Sherwood Forest : an English legend
  • Tristan & Isolde: the warrior and the princess : a British legend
  • The Trojan horse: the fall of Troy : a Greek myth
  • Yu the Great: conquering the flood : a Chinese legend
  • Ali Baba: fooling the forty thieves : an Arabian tale
  • Arthur & Lancelot: the fight for Camelot : an English legend
  • Beowulf: monster slayer : a British legend
  • Guan Yu: blood brothers to the end : a Chinese legend
  • The hero twins: against the lords of death : a Mayan myth
  • Perseus: the hunt for Medusa's head: a Greek myth
  • Sinbad: sailing into peril : an Arabian tale
  • The smoking mountain: the story of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl: an Aztec legend
  • Sunjata: warrior king of Mali : a West African legend
  • Theseus: battling the Minotaur : a Greek myth
  • Marwe: into the land of the dead : an East African legend
  • Pigling: a Cinderella story : a Korean tale
  • Psyche & Eros: the lady and the monster : a Greek myth
  • William Tell: one against an Empire : a Swiss legend