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After Camelot : a personal history of the Kennedy family 1968 to the present

by Taraborrelli, J. Randy.

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In this ambitious and sweeping account, Taraborelli continues the Kennedy family chronicle begun with his bestselling "Jackie, Ethel, Joan" and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the years "after Camelot." Full description


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Table of Contents:
  • An unthinkable tragedy
  • Jackie. Trying to let go of the past ; An invitation from Rose ; Jackie's' thirty-ninth ; Some enchanted evening ; Jackie : "the Kennedys can't support me forever" ; Negotiating for Jackie
  • Eunice. Eunice Kennedy Shriver ; Camp Shriver at Timberlawn ; What happened to Rosemary Kennedy? ; Lobotomy ; Joseph Patrick Kennedy
  • Sarge. Sargent Shriver ; "A very good Shriver" ; Bobby Kennedy ; Getting Sargent out of the way ; Torn loyalties ; Questioning LBJ's motives ; The decision is made ; Not meant to be ; Humphrey-Shriver? ; Ted disappoints ; Sargent appeals to Ted
  • Ted. "Sick with grief" ; Chappaquiddick ; Ted Kennedy ; Joan Kennedy ; "The end of Camelot" ; Strategizing a way out ; "All people make mistakes
  • not just Kennedys" ; Joseph Kennedy dies ; Dealing with the fallout
  • Ethel. Ethel Kennedy ; A cross to bear ; Hyannis Port terrors ; Pot bust
  • Jackie, Ari, and the Lawfords. Jackie talks to Rose about her new life ; Remembering JFK ; Clinging to each other after Camelot ; Onassis : father figure? ; Jackie and the Secret Service ; A problem like Maria ; Pat and Peter Lawford
  • Sargent tries yet again. Always in the way ; Shriver for vice president ; "Same ol' Sarge"
  • The third generation in trouble. An accident results in paralysis ; November 1973 : ten years ; Ted Jr.'s cancer ; Hickory Hell?
  • Poor Ari. Onassis's many problems ; Jackie and Sinatra ; Ari dies ; Who should represent the Kennedys at the funeral? ; "Let's try to move on with our lives"
  • Rosemary and Rose. "We must never give up" ; Rose's precious yesterdays and priceless tomorrows
  • Shriver for President. Sarge takes a "leap of faith" ; Stephen and Jean Kennedy Smith ; Yet another disappointment for Sarge
  • Ted's 1980 campaign. Ted's presidential decision ; "S.O.S! The elephant is chasing Amy Carter!" ; The Joan factor ; The Roger Mudd interview ; Ted : "the dream never dies" ; End of a marriage
  • David's story. "The Kennedy's biggest shame" ; Intervention for David ; Bobby Jr.'s surprising drug bust ; "I love you, Mom. That's all I got" ; A kidnapping attempt at the compound ; Always tomorrow? ; Room 107 ; "Without faith and family, we have nothing"
  • Kennedy upheaval. Disagreements about the Kennedy Foundation ; Sarge on the Kennedy curse : "so be it" ; Eunice faces a family revolt ; Peter Lawford dies ; Intervention for Pat
  • Caroline, John, and Maurice. Caroline Kennedy ; John Kennedy Jr. ; John and Madonna ; Career girl ; Maurice Tempelsman ; Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver both marry
  • William Kennedy Smith and the Palm Beach scandal. Eunice's dire prediction to Ted ; Ted's and Jean's sad memories ; An alleged rape at the Kennedy estate ; Tough love ; Victoria Reggie ; "Mad as hell" ; Ted recognizes his shortcomings ; The William Kennedy Smith trial ; Jean Kennedy Smith : ambassador
  • Kennedy wives, old and new. Ted and Vicki marry ; Two very different kinds of Kennedy wives ; The new wife ; Pat's regrets
  • Jackie : her final years. "Life goes on" ; Jackie's "bad news" ; No words ; One regret ; Too young to die ; Vigil ; Always Jackie
  • John and Carolyn. John Kennedy Jr. at a crossroads ; Carolyn Bessette ; Rose Kennedy dies ; Paparazzi war zone ; John's risky proposition ; George ; John proposes to Carolyn ; Relationship woes ; John and Carolyn marry
  • Michael's story. Michael Kennedy's troubles ; "Oh my God, not again!" ; Reckless or accidental? ; Grace under pressure ; "Okay, Lord, the Kennedys have had enough."
  • A peaceful time. Ethel's change for the better ; Flynn ; John Kennedy Jr. : running on water
  • Camelot loses its prince. Mike Tyson's advice ; "The worst that could happen" ; "Please tell me John's not dead" ; We need a miracle now more than ever" ; A sister's grief ; "Our prince is gone" ; What families do
  • Transitions. Rosemary Kennedy : free at last ; An ongoing struggle ; Pat Kennedy Lawford dies ; Ted Kennedy and the Obama endorsement ; Ted's diagnosis ; The troops rally ; "Wise men never try"
  • Looking ahead. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend ; The third generation ; Maria Shriver ; Senator Caroline Kennedy? ; Caroline bows out ; No regrets ; Ted : rest in peace.