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Worth it-- not worth it? : simple and profitable answers to life's tough questions

by Otter, Jack.

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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: how dare we have fun with the dismal science
  • Section 1: Getting started
  • My own personal hot tub time machine
  • Credit vs. debit
  • Student loan vs. skipping college
  • See the world vs. get a job
  • Spend it vs. save it
  • Credit union vs. bank
  • The rule of 72
  • Date the cutie in the next cubicle vs. anyone else
  • Live with mom and dad vs. go solo in squalor
  • YMCA vs. luxurious health club
  • Section 2: Shelter
  • The biggest investment you'll ever make
  • Rent vs. buy/the rule of 15
  • US cities where it is cheaper to buy
  • Old house vs. new house
  • Real estate agent vs. for sale by owner
  • Fixed rate vs. adjustable mortgage
  • Renovate the kitchen vs. refinish the basement
  • Section 3: Automotive
  • The real blind spot
  • New vs. used
  • Lease vs. buy
  • Open the windows vs. crank the AC
  • Take or decline the insurance
  • Diesel vs. hybrid
  • Section 4: Investing
  • Flavors of risk
  • The ultimate no-brainer portfolio
  • Broker vs. financial advisor
  • Buy and hold vs. timing the market
  • Stocks vs. mutual funds
  • Load vs. no load funds
  • Company stock vs. mutual fund in your 401K
  • Hot fund vs. cheap fund
  • Want an extra $507, 480 in retirement savings?
  • Cap weighted vs. fundamental indexing
  • Individual bonds vs. bond fund
  • ETFS vs. mutual funds
  • Leveraged vs. unleveraged ETFS
  • 2-year vs. 7-year CD
  • Gold vs. timber
  • Section five-family matters
  • This is your brain on childcare
  • Plans vs. UGMAs
  • Term vs permanent life insurance
  • Disability insurance vs. life insurance
  • Cash back vs. travel rewards cards
  • Annual vacation vs. new car
  • Travel insurance vs. save the cash
  • Extended warranty vs. self-insure
  • Mary Ann vs. Ginger
  • Long term care insurance vs. fly solo
  • Allowance vs. pay for chores
  • Organic vs. regular
  • Work out with a trainer vs. go it alone
  • Section 6: Retirement
  • Just put me on an ice floe is not a strategy
  • Save for your kids' college vs. your retirement
  • Roth IRA vs. traditional IRA
  • Fixed annuity vs. variable annuity
  • Fixed annuity vs. managed payout fund
  • Social security at 62 vs. 70
  • Your own social security benefits vs. your spouse's
  • Florida vs. Nicaragua.