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Keeping and breeding amphibians : caecilians, newts, salamanders, frogs and toads

by Mattison, Christopher.

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Table of Contents:
  • General principles
  • Background biology
  • Accommodation: cages and equipment
  • Controlling the environment
  • Natural vivaria
  • Outdoor vivaria
  • Food and feeding
  • Breeding
  • Management and health
  • Caecilians, newts and salamanders
  • Caecilians
  • Cryptobranchidae: giant salamanders
  • Salamandridae: newts, fire salamanders and related species
  • Ambystomatidae: axlotl and mole salamanders
  • Plethodontidae: lungless salamanders
  • Sirenidae: sirens
  • Frogs and toads
  • Discoglossidae: painted frogs and related species
  • Pipidae: clawed frogs and related species
  • Pelobatidae: spadefoot toads
  • Bufonidae: true toads
  • Rhinodermatidae: mouth-brooding frogs
  • Leptodactylidae: leptodactylid frogs
  • Dendrobatidae: poison-dart frogs
  • Hylidae: tree frogs
  • Ranidae: pond frogs and related species
  • Hyperoliidae: reed frogs, bush frogs and related species
  • Rhacophoridae: foam-nest tree frogs
  • Microhylidae: narrow-mouthed frogs.